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Computer Science meets Pornography

I recently wrote about IT pros using language in a different way from ‘normal’ people. I’ve seen it again. Jeff Atwood, of Coding Horror, wrote a controversial article about something called, “NP-Complete”.  What is it? I must be the wrong kind … Continue reading

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Classification of Verbs

I suggest that a scheme for classifying verbs could be devised based on Schank’s Conceptual Dependency theory. REFERENCES: A POCKET GUIDE TO CD THEORY

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Your Most Valuable Asset

…is your name. It upholds your reputation. It is the corner stone of your integrity. It stands for all that you have been, all that you will be, all that you are. It is the essence of you. Your name carries the burden … Continue reading

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Loners Of the World

Loners of the world, unite! But on your own.

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Definition: Parlous

Perilous; dangerous.

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Definition: Maybe

The maybe keyword is of type int and evaluates to 1 or 0 with equal probability, 50%.

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