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Visual Studio Extension: Browse Current Project

I’ve just published my first Visual Studio Extension. It is a very simple one-command extension that allows you to view the contents of the folder that contains the current project in the Visual Studio Browser. At the moment, only Visual … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Fonts and Colors: Version 2

Some time ago I wrote about my chosen colour scheme for Visual Studio.  I’ve updated it several times since, so I’ve uploaded the latest version to StudioStyles. It looks like this: Unfortunately, StudioStyles doesn’t support all the styles for VB.Net, … Continue reading

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VSS: Undo Someone Else’s Check Out

One of my colleges is off sick today. I need to edit some files that he was working with on Friday. Unfortunately, he checked out these files in Visual Source Safe (VSS), but did not check them back in. As a result, … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Fonts and Colors

Some developers are really rather fussy about the way their code looks in the IDE. Instead of getting on with the job, they spend a lot of time messing about to get their environment just-so. It looks as though I am in good … Continue reading

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