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Source Code Formatting in WordPress

Finally, I have found the document that describes how this can be done:

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More .Net Cheat Sheets

I have linked a few before. There are more here:

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The Hazards of Programming

Every occupation has its hazards. Including mine. Apparently, I use language differently from other people. Recently, I gave a talk on a programming task I had been working on. It took me quite a while to figure out why people kept sniggering every time … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Fonts and Colors

Some developers are really rather fussy about the way their code looks in the IDE. Instead of getting on with the job, they spend a lot of time messing about to get their environment just-so. It looks as though I am in good … Continue reading

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Agile and Project Management

Some notes on an article entitled “The Bottom Line”, by Robert C Martin, that appeared in the December 2003 edition of “Software Development”, p 42-44: Agile is a method for managing software projects. Managing a software project often involves more … Continue reading

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Trick to View HTML Source Code in IE

To see the source of any web page, copy the following into your address bar. javascript:document.write(“<xmp>”+document.documentElement.innerHTML+%20″</xmp>”); Save it as favourite or copy it to your links bar so that you can view the HTML source of any web page that you are viewing … Continue reading

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Useful Web Development Plugins for IE

Info on a couple of IE plugins that I find useful: First, I couldn’t live without the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. It is a collection of useful little tool for all kinds of web page development, free from Microsoft. Great … Continue reading

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.Net Naming Conventions

What to call things?

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Flowchart: Game Main Line

Flowchart of main line for an arcade game. Drawn when I was a teenager. Init Game Score = 0 Level = 1 Lives = 3 Bombs = 3 Init Level Clear screen Reset bonus Display stats Big text “Scene XXX” … Continue reading

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