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Moments of Alive in my Life

The following are specific examples of ‘come alive’ times in my life: Key-holding in a soup kitchen. The 3-strong IT team of which I was a member was rated highest in my organisation, and my organisation was rated best of … Continue reading

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Mission Statement: Second Attempt

I recently wrote about my first attempt to write a personal mission statement. Here is my second attempt: With God’s help, to become excellent in: Leadership Relationship  Stewardship And to support others in the development of these same qualities.

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Mission Statement: First Attempt

Some years ago, I wrote a mission statement for mysef – then put it in a drawer and forgot about it. Having recently attended a 7 habits course, I have developed a new interest in the idea of seeking God … Continue reading

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Need Demotivation?

I have a new blog at (I’ll still be writing here, too). Demotiv8 is intended to be a parody of all sites good and bad that talk about: Personal development Motivation Self actualization Spiritual growth Self leadership GTD etc.

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The Parable of the Talents: The Faithful Servants

These notes were made following a group discussion that I led on the topic of the Parable of the Talents + additional material that I gleaned from the internet. Thanks to all who contributed. Throughout this article: 2TS = Servant who … Continue reading

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Lean Living: Managing Life The Kaizen Way

The main aim of Lean Living is continuous improvement of ones lifestyle through applying Lean principles to proactively manage your life, eliminating anything that fails to maximise your potential. It embraces activities that bring about: Elimination of waste. Orderliness. Discipline. … Continue reading

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Achieving Mediocrity

Some people strive to achieve greatness.

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Fear: Part 4

One fear I faced: Some time ago, I needed to get the front of my house painted, but I hated heights.

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Fear: Part 3

Overcoming fear:

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The Effects of Fear

Your heart beats faster, you sweat, your legs turn to jelly, your mind turns to mush. We’re all familiar with the immediate effects of fear. But what about long-term? People tend to avoid situations, things, people etc. that make them … Continue reading

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