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Achieving Mediocrity

Some people strive to achieve greatness.

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Cold Soup

The contractor who does the catering for our office has a new policy on soup: to serve it cold.

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Coughs and Sneezes: Advice from my Employer

Today, my employer published some helpful advice on preventing coughs and sneezes.

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72 Year Old Refused Alcohol

Back in September, the BBC reported an incident where Supermarket staff had refused to sell alcohol to a white-haired 72-year-old man – because he would not confirm he was over 21.

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A Dead Horse

I found it somewhere out in the Google-Sphere.  It may not be new, but it is frighteningly true.

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Penguin Riddles

A series of penguin “jokes” (real groaners). For children. And really sad adults.

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Estate Agent Speak

I have just asked our estate agent to modify the details that they send out to potential buyers. Here is part of the letter that I wrote to them:

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