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Pattern: Words and Actions

Words -> Thoughts -> Actions For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, (5) casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity … Continue reading

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Mighty Acorns: The Power of Small Things

Image courtesy stock.xchng (887999_little_oaks_2) On 17th November, I delivered my second sermon at Kings Church, Portsmouth, delivered to those who opted out of the main service. Below, I present my notes (edited for publication). I am new to this preaching … Continue reading

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Connections with God

The ways that humans relate to each other… Father-Son Friend-Friend Master-Servant Husband-Wife Brother-Brother …are dim and distant echos of the way that God related to God within the Trinity. But, each of these is also a facet of the relationship … Continue reading

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Limiting God’s Power

There is a relationship between our perceptions and God’s power in our lives: Our perception of God places limits on what he can achieve in us. Our perception of ourselves limits what he can achieve through us.

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Unity in Christ

Here are a few notes on a series of talks by a gentleman called Alan Baker. Recognise God’s Desire for Christian Unity God’s purpose is to reconcile us in Christ: Then when the time is right, God will do all … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Talents: The Faithful Servants

These notes were made following a group discussion that I led on the topic of the Parable of the Talents + additional material that I gleaned from the internet. Thanks to all who contributed. Throughout this article: 2TS = Servant who … Continue reading

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Seeing the Light

This is a copy of a post I made elsewhere (I couldn’t help tidying up the grammar here and there). It is the story of my conversion to Christianity.

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Driving a Hard Bargain?

My wife and I made an offer on a house this week. The question we faced: how much to offer? Background There were several factors to consider, even before we saw the house. On initial contact with the vendor’s agent, we … Continue reading

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