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Word Power

Some words whose meanings I have learned this month: belicose adj. Warlike / hostile in manner / temperament bumptious adj. arrogant; pushy; offensively self-assertive; conceited de facto In reality or fact de facto standard: Accepted by custom, convention or common practice dendroglyph noun. … Continue reading

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Computer Science meets Pornography

I recently wrote about IT pros using language in a different way from ‘normal’ people. I’ve seen it again. Jeff Atwood, of Coding Horror, wrote a controversial article about something called, “NP-Complete”.  What is it? I must be the wrong kind … Continue reading

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Definition: War

A curious game: all the players set out to win, but all are guaranteed loose.

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Definition: Maybe

The maybe keyword is of type int and evaluates to 1 or 0 with equal probability, 50%.

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