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Computer Science meets Pornography

I recently wrote about IT pros using language in a different way from ‘normal’ people. I’ve seen it again. Jeff Atwood, of Coding Horror, wrote a controversial article about something called, “NP-Complete”.  What is it? I must be the wrong kind … Continue reading

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The Hazards of Programming

Every occupation has its hazards. Including mine. Apparently, I use language differently from other people. Recently, I gave a talk on a programming task I had been working on. It took me quite a while to figure out why people kept sniggering every time … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Fonts and Colors

Some developers are really rather fussy about the way their code looks in the IDE. Instead of getting on with the job, they spend a lot of time messing about to get their environment just-so. It looks as though I am in good … Continue reading

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Information for Laptop Users?

I got the details of this story first-hand from the people involved. I’m reproducing it here because I think it highlights some of the things that can go wrong when an IT department tries to communicate with clients about technical … Continue reading

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Cloning Windows Installations: The HAL Issue

For a long time, we had no problem installing Windows on new PCs by simply cloning the hard drive of another machine new machine. One black day, however, disaster struck. We had about 200 Windows 2000 PCs. When new machines arrived we … Continue reading

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