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Solution: Service Unavailable after ASP.Net Publish

If you receive a “Service Unavailable” screen after publishing an ASP.Net web site, check the application pool assigned to the site. The pool you use needs to be assigned the right version of the .Net framework. For example, a .Net … Continue reading

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UltraWebTab: Switch to Tab on Validation Error

The Problem I have an ASP.Net form that contains a set of tabs hosted inside an Infragistics UltraWebTab control. Each tab contains a number of fields that have validation. Sometimes, when the user submits the form, a validation error occurs. When this happens, … Continue reading

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More .Net Cheat Sheets

I have linked a few before. There are more here:

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MS Ajax Tab Control: Index of the Tab Containing a Control

The Problem I have an Ajax Tab Container that contains several tabs. On one of those tabs, I have a control. On the client, how do I find out which tab contains the control? The Solution Here is the JavaScript function that … Continue reading

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GridView Buttons not Working?

In my experience, the most common reason for Buttons in a GridView not working is that data is being bound to the GridView during the postback. In other words, the code looks something like this: [sourcecode language=”VB”] Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal … Continue reading

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.Net Naming Conventions

What to call things?

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Product Idea: A set of ASP.Net Cheat Sheets

I think people would buy a good, comprehensice set of cheat sheets. They would include:

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