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Types of Questions

Open Questions Open a subject. “How do you feel about…?” Closed Questions Gather and confirm specific facts. “Do you want me to…?” Focusing Questions Focus on a topic that has been raised. “You mentioned… earlier. What is the best way … Continue reading

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Gogo’s Crazy Bones

My son was crazy about Gogos for a while, so we drew these silhouettes for printing on stickers etc. You’re free to use these illustrations in any way you wish.

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VBScript to Get Domain Groups for Current User

This take me back a bit… [sourcecode language=”vb”] Option Explicit ‘ Get the current user’s domain and username. Dim wsxNetwork Set wsxNetwork = CreateObject(“WScript.Network”) Dim sDomain, sUser sDomain = wsxNetwork.UserDomain sUser = wsxNetwork.UserName ‘ Get the user. Dim objUser Set … Continue reading

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When Improving Technology Makes Things Worse

A Secret We all know that bad technology is bad for business. By “bad” I mean technology that doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, or which does it wrong, or which costs more to implement than the benefits … Continue reading

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.Net Implicit Casts

Casts A cast is a conversion of data from one type to another, for example from an integer to a float. Implicit Casts An implicit cast is a conversion from one type to another that is automatically assumed by the … Continue reading

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SQL Server: Example Naming Convention

An example of a SQL Server naming convention I have encountered: Tables tcTableName (e.g. tcAsset) for core tables, i.e. tables that contain regularly changing data and have insert/update/delete queries run against them. trTableName (e.g. trAssetType) for reference tables, i.e. tables … Continue reading

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What Makes Technology Popular?

It is easy to assume that technology becomes popular simply because it is better than the competition. But as the saying goes, “that ain’t necessarily so”. In fact, the history of innovation is replete with examples of inferior technologies capturing … Continue reading

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C#: How to Clone a Generic List

Found on StackOverflow, this is a tidy example of an generic extension method that uses LINQ: [sourcecode language=”c#”] static class Extensions { public static IList Clone( this IList listToClone) where T: ICloneable     {     return listToClone.Select(item => … Continue reading

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How to Improve Service and Lower Costs

Focus on the systems that provide value How you view a problem is the key to the way you solve it. If our focus is on anything but the systems that provide value we will be driving waste into our … Continue reading

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Improving the Information Service

A grab bag of ideas: Focus on business value Nothing else matters. Provide a great interface At these levels: Technically Personally It should be: Easy to access Responsive Reliable Make people feel good Build a solid, agile infrastructure You’re going … Continue reading

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