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Types of Questions

Open Questions Open a subject. “How do you feel about…?” Closed Questions Gather and confirm specific facts. “Do you want me to…?” Focusing Questions Focus on a topic that has been raised. “You mentioned… earlier. What is the best way … Continue reading

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Gogo’s Crazy Bones

My son was crazy about Gogos for a while, so we drew these silhouettes for printing on stickers etc. You’re free to use these illustrations in any way you wish.

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VBScript to Get Domain Groups for Current User

This take me back a bit… [sourcecode language=”vb”] Option Explicit ‘ Get the current user’s domain and username. Dim wsxNetwork Set wsxNetwork = CreateObject(“WScript.Network”) Dim sDomain, sUser sDomain = wsxNetwork.UserDomain sUser = wsxNetwork.UserName ‘ Get the user. Dim objUser Set … Continue reading

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