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BBC Micro High Scores!

Pengo 46330 Labyrinth 63870 Monsters 10620 Snapper 41820 Air Lift 70460 Zalaga 59490 Pole Position 56600 Nemesis 16290 Space Eagles 11880 Starship Command 889 Chucky Egg 235330 Snake (fast) 1016 Planetoid 115400 Mr EE 103100

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Three Distractions

There are three distractions that keep me from achieving the best of my potential. The Desire for Possessions The Desire for Physical Pleasure The Desire for Power and Prestiege (Pride) Genesis 3 Pleasant to the eyes Good for food Desire … Continue reading

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Design Starters

Sometimes you need a theme for a web site, a game level or a poster. Here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing: 80s Retro Ancient Egypt Animals Aztec Castles City Dinosaurs Electric Pink Garden Monsters Night Sky … Continue reading

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The 3 areas: Up = God In = Myself Out = Others

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Two simple ideas: Please = a sign of respect Thank you = a sign of appreciation

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Two thoughts: Not to take responsibility is to sign away any power to change. Respobsibility = emowerment. If everyone would sweep his own doorstep, the whole world will soon be clean. Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, … Continue reading

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