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Professional Profile 2009

I am a business solutions provider, focused on providing robust information services that add value to my client’s business. I believe that good technical solutions can empower both front-line and support personnel to focus on delivering their objectives rather than … Continue reading

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Not Enough Water!

JB (now 5 years old) complained that there was not enough water in the tapless end his bath. With a wry smile, I suggested that he use a beaker to bail water from the deeper tap-end into the shallower end.  After … Continue reading

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Word is Stupid!

Writing an application form today, I noticed that Word squiggly-underlines “teammates” in red, and offers “team-mates” and “team mates” as a suitable alternatives. However, it green-squigglies “team-mates” and “team mates”, suggesting “teammates” as the correction. I just can’t win.

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