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So Close

JB (my 4-year old): CAT and RUG. They rhyme, don’t they?

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Waiter, Waiter…

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BJH Windows and Conservatories: A Review

The Requirements Some months back we decided we needed to have a glazier: Replace our front door and the window above it Replace the two faulty double glazing units in our back bedroom After obtaining several quotes we settled on … Continue reading

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With Rough On Them

About a week ago I was going to pick up something from the chip shop for tea. I asked JB (my 4-year old son) what he wanted. JB: “Um… Chips and Sausages with Rough on them.” Apparently he meant battered sausage.

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It’s Even Got…

JB is my 4 year old. His mother made him a chocolate milkshake, with a blob of ice-cream floating in it. However, at first sight, JB obliviously misidentified the ice-cream. With glee he announced: It’s even got bread in it! … Continue reading

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