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VB.Net: Determine if an Object or Class Implements an Interface

The Problem You want to know if a class called MyClass implements interface IMyInterface, or the object myObject inplements interface IMyInterface. Unfortunately, you can’t do: [sourcecode language=”vb”] If MyClass Is IMyInterface Then ‘ Something… End If [/sourcecode] The Solution It … Continue reading

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MLD Project: Capturing my Life Digitally.

Wouldn’t it be useful if all the information in your life could be captured in digital form? That’s the purpose of the MLD project – to capture my digitally. Benefits It would take up no more space than the storage … Continue reading

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I Will See My Skeleton

This week JB, my 4-year old said to me: When I die, I’ll be able to see my skeleton, won’t I Daddy? I wasn’t sure were to begin with this one.

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UltraWebTab: Switch to Tab on Validation Error

The Problem I have an ASP.Net form that contains a set of tabs hosted inside an Infragistics UltraWebTab control. Each tab contains a number of fields that have validation. Sometimes, when the user submits the form, a validation error occurs. When this happens, … Continue reading

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Reducing J2ME Size with Advanced PNG Compression

One way to reduce the size of a J2ME application is through better compression of the PNG images you are using. I currently use the excellent Paint.Net to create my images. Unfortunately, it doesn’t compress PNG output very effectively. It … Continue reading

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One of the Best Days…


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A Better J2ME fillTriangle

I recently wrote about my alternative fillTriangle method. Pattern Fill The reason I created this method was to support older devices that don’t have a built-in version of fillTriangle. However, the implementation could be useful on more modern devices where we … Continue reading

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MIDP 1.0 fillTriangle Method

One of the (many) limitations of MIDP 1.0 is that it lacks the fillTriangle that is present in MIDP 2.0. Below is a replacement method that works on MIDP 1.0 devices. It is based on notes published by Michal Wronski. … Continue reading

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Source Code Formatting in WordPress

Finally, I have found the document that describes how this can be done:

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