Solved: Visual Studio requires Internet Exporer 6…

Following a frustrating SSSLLLOOOWWW-down of IE over the last week, I repaired IE6 on my PC today. Unfortunately, Visual Studio 2005 was left broken. Whenever I tried to start it a dialog was displayed which stated:

Visual Studio requires Internet Exporer 6.0 or greater to run properly. Please re-install Internet Explorer 6.0.

As usual, the dialog had a cute little “OK” button. However, as IE6 clearly is installed on my PC, the situation was decidedly not OK.

Fortunately, RegMon came to the rescue once again. I quickly discovered that the problem was that a registry key had not been written properly. The key is:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerVersion

I updated the contents of this key, and the problem went away. I’m happy again.



I followed this hack by a re-install of IE6, but even then the original problem remains – IE is still very slow on my PC. I will need to do some more work on this.


I now have a solution to the slowdown.

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