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Limiting God’s Power

There is a relationship between our perceptions and God’s power in our lives: Our perception of God places limits on what he can achieve in us. Our perception of ourselves limits what he can achieve through us.

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Possibilities for Training

Some time ago, I realised that it is no good relying on my employer to look after my training and development needs. I am fortunate enough to work for an organisation that takes these issues seriously, but even so, they are ultimately my … Continue reading

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Your Most Valuable Asset

…is your name. It upholds your reputation. It is the corner stone of your integrity. It stands for all that you have been, all that you will be, all that you are. It is the essence of you. Your name carries the burden … Continue reading

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To be a winner, it takes: Talent Courage Leadership

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Imagine you want to find all the null values in a column in a database table (SQL Server). x 1 2 NULL 4 5 Here is the SQL that performs the task as required: [sourcecode language=”sql”] SELECT x, CASE x … Continue reading

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Mission Statement: Second Attempt

I recently wrote about my first attempt to write a personal mission statement. Here is my second attempt: With God’s help, to become excellent in: Leadership Relationship  Stewardship And to support others in the development of these same qualities.

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Answers to Microsoft Interview Questions

I have not actually been interviewed by Microsoft (yet), but here are some of the answers I’d like to give to some of the questions that they’ve been known to ask: Why is a manhole cover round? Don’t you mean a person-hole cover? … Continue reading

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