Reflective Teaching Plans

When I trained to be a teacher, we learned techniques for developing our own skills as teachers, ie. “reflective teaching”. One of the focus areas for this was the development of quality lesson plans and evaluations.

Perhaps a similar system could be used in other areas of my life?

Lesson Plans


When and where?


The aspet of the lession that will be given special attention.


  • Classroom management.
  • Encouraging the quiet ones.
  • Enjoyment.
  • Persentation

Learning Intentions

What I want the children to learn? How doesit link to the curriculum?

Activity Outline

What can I do to achieve that?

How will I differentiate?

Strategies and Management

How will I do it? How will I manage the activity? What questions will I ask?

eg. Clear policy on who speaks and when.


What will I need?


How will I assess?

Who listened? Contributed? Asked questions?

Outcomes and Evaluation


What did I do well?

Areas for improvement

What could I do better?

Qualities of learning and evidence

Did the class learn? How do I know?

Quality of activity in relation to learning intentions

Did the session meet its objectives?

Future action

What would I do differently next time?

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