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The Secret of a Great Blog

…is the same as the secret of any great piece of writing: to write about your readers and their interests, rather than writing about yourself and your own interests. Note: I only ever intended this blog to be sub-standard.

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Agile and Project Management

Some notes on an article entitled “The Bottom Line”, by Robert C Martin, that appeared in the December 2003 edition of “Software Development”, p 42-44: Agile is a method for managing software projects. Managing a software project often involves more … Continue reading

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Trick to View HTML Source Code in IE

To see the source of any web page, copy the following into your address bar. javascript:document.write(“<xmp>”+document.documentElement.innerHTML+%20″</xmp>”); Save it as favourite or copy it to your links bar so that you can view the HTML source of any web page that you are viewing … Continue reading

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The Parable of the Talents: The Faithful Servants

These notes were made following a group discussion that I led on the topic of the Parable of the Talents + additional material that I gleaned from the internet. Thanks to all who contributed. Throughout this article: 2TS = Servant who … Continue reading

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Reading Goals 2008

In 2008 I plan to read at least 12 books: 3 Great Novels War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy) The Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame) TBA 3 Great Programming Books The Mythical Man Month (Fred Brooks) TBA TBA 3 Personal Development Books Getting Things … Continue reading

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SQL Server: Change Owner of an Object

Like this: [sourcecode language=”sql”] sp_changeobjectowner ‘‘, ‘‘ [/sourcecode]

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Lean Living: Managing Life The Kaizen Way

The main aim of Lean Living is continuous improvement of ones lifestyle through applying Lean principles to proactively manage your life, eliminating anything that fails to maximise your potential. It embraces activities that bring about: Elimination of waste. Orderliness. Discipline. … Continue reading

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Mortgage to Income Ratio

I read somewhere that monthly mortgage payments should ideally be less than 1/3 of monthly income.

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Money Management: Useful Categories

Here are some categories for managing personal finances (I like putting things into categories) : Budgeting Overall resource planning. Managing the relationship between time and resource. Income Resource that comes in. Wages Income from investments Spending Resource that goes out. … Continue reading

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Goals not Resolutions

For years I have avoided New Year’s Resolutions. I resolve that this year will be different! The truth is, the whole resolution thing is makes me feel uncomfortable. There is all the pressure to come up with some good ones. … Continue reading

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