A Great Trick

Cutting a woman in half, then sticking her back together again. Escaping from a straight-jacket whilst dangling from a burning rope. Opening a bottle of beer with your…


Great tricks, all of them. Stage worthy, even.

You know how it goes:

Ladies and gentlemen, for your amazement and amusement, for your delight and delectation, all the way from…

…ta-da! I take a bow. Applause please.

But what I really want to see, ladies and gentlemen, is someone who can get a 3-year-old ready to go out in the morning, and quickly.


…all the way from his bedroom in just an hour and a half:

A small boy, ready to go to nursery!

Ta-da! A bow! A flourish! A standing ovation!


Now, that really would be a great trick.

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