Fear: Part 4

One fear I faced: Some time ago, I needed to get the front of my house painted, but I hated heights.

Here is what I did:

I started at the bottom. That was easy. I soon got the ground floor done.

Then I used a roller on a pole. That got some more done, but the result was rough around the edges.

Then I went about half way up the ladder. Not too bad, and I painted about half of the upper floor like that.

Then I climbed a little heigher. That way I reached up a few feet from the eaves of the house. The house was looking good, but I felt that I was at my absolute height limit.

So I went one rung higher. That got me close to the top. The house would look silly if I stopped now.

One rung more. I was not going to be beaten yet. All but the last couple of inches got painted.

Finally, I climbed the next rung. I hated every moment, but I was determined. Finally, I got the house painting finished.

Shaking, back on the ground, I felt elated.

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