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Moving House

We’ll be moving house in the new year. Here are some things we’ll need to remember:

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SQL Server: Case Sensitive Query

Someone at work sent this out to the team. From LW: Dear All, you might find this bit of code quite useful.  I was trying to find data within a table where the data was like lower case letters e.g … Continue reading

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A Great Trick

Cutting a woman in half, then sticking her back together again. Escaping from a straight-jacket whilst dangling from a burning rope. Opening a bottle of beer with your…

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Loners Of the World

Loners of the world, unite! But on your own.

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Achieving Mediocrity

Some people strive to achieve greatness.

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Fear: Part 4

One fear I faced: Some time ago, I needed to get the front of my house painted, but I hated heights.

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Fear: Part 3

Overcoming fear:

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The Effects of Fear

Your heart beats faster, you sweat, your legs turn to jelly, your mind turns to mush. We’re all familiar with the immediate effects of fear. But what about long-term? People tend to avoid situations, things, people etc. that make them … Continue reading

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Is Fear Beneficial?

We all know that fear is sometimes unhelpful fear. This is the fear that keeps me from actions and situations that would otherwise be to my benefit. Fear of flying prevents some people from visiting other nations. Social phobias keep … Continue reading

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GridView Buttons not Working?

In my experience, the most common reason for Buttons in a GridView not working is that data is being bound to the GridView during the postback. In other words, the code looks something like this: [sourcecode language=”VB”] Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal … Continue reading

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