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Definition: Maybe

The maybe keyword is of type int and evaluates to 1 or 0 with equal probability, 50%.

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Seeing the Light

This is a copy of a post I made elsewhere (I couldn’t help tidying up the grammar here and there). It is the story of my conversion to Christianity.

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IT Security: Some Notes

A few notes on the basics of IT Security: Introduction to Security Security is concerned with preserving the value of resources. Valuing Data The value of data is determined by its contribution to the goals of the one who owns … Continue reading

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Product Idea: A set of ASP.Net Cheat Sheets

I think people would buy a good, comprehensice set of cheat sheets. They would include:

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SQL: Top (Latest) Item Per Group

I spent far too long this morning on trying to find a solution to this SQL problem. Consider the PERSON table: Location Name Age London Fred 45 London Mark 35 London Mike 25 Cardiff Jim 56 Cardiff Julia 46 Cardiff … Continue reading

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Inside OS: BBC Micro ROM Routines

The following article was written by Roger Cullis, and published in PRACTICAL COMPUTING February 1985, Pages 122- 125. The text below was OCR’ed from the magazine. The original article was accompanied by the following notice: Copyright This article summarises the … Continue reading

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BBC Micro Sub-System Diagrams

I drew these diagrams years ago whilst seeking to understand the various sub-systems of the BBC Micro. The first is of the System VIA, the second of the Keyboard.

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IT Service Improvement: The Help Desk

TheHelp Desk is a key area for an IT service that is often neglected. The industry is plagued by poor relationships between service providers and customers. As service providers, we have little understanding of our customer’s current business, aspirations and … Continue reading

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Flowchart: Game Main Line

Flowchart of main line for an arcade game. Drawn when I was a teenager. Init Game Score = 0 Level = 1 Lives = 3 Bombs = 3 Init Level Clear screen Reset bonus Display stats Big text “Scene XXX” … Continue reading

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Poem: Consolation

This is my “antidote” to a poem by R. D. Laing. Laing’s original was once a favourite of mine, as his “ashes and lemon peel” (all that remains of fire and bitterness) spoke of my owm emptiness and meaninglessness. I … Continue reading

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